This is a project I keep revisiting. I love Birkenstocks, ever since my Grandma Phyllis gave me my first pair in highschool. She was the first person in their small rural community to wear the hippy duds in the 70’s- something that made my teenaged Mom pretty embarassed, but she’s since become a Birkey convert like myself. This is my first campaign, playing off nostalgia and using images found in a fashion spread from a magazine.

A Billboard

Magazine Ad

Second Magazine Ad. This one is my favorite…I love the old Volkswagon Van!

A Fool’s Freedom

“What’s the worst mistake you could make in a meeting? What would you learn from it? The greatest fear of many people is making a mistake and looking silly in front of other people. Learn to live with this fear, by making of fool of yourself deliberately but staying in control. Put yourself in a ridiculous position by making an abstruse suggestion, and exaggerate it to the the point where you have to laugh at yourself. By doing so you acheive a degree of inner freedom that allows you to leave familiar paths behind and let your imagination run free.”

-Mario Pricken, Creative Advertising