Ke Kau Chocolatier

These chocolates are the bomb. I first heard of them through a copywriting class I took with Ann Maxwell. They were our “clients” in writing long newspaper copy, and I will forever be grateful to Ann for bringing in sample chocolates for the whole class.

The main appeal of these chocolates is the blending of unusual and often conflicting flavors to create a very unique taste. Some examples are Thai Curry, a blend of chili curry and lemongrass, or Smoky Blue, which combines Rogue Creamery’s Smoky Blue cheese with chocolate and chipotle chili.

So I wrote individual descriptions of some of the chocolates to showcase their unique flavor, emphasizing that there is a journey within each chocolate. The tagline, redeFINE chocolate, plays with the fact that though this is a fine chocolate, is goes beyond the boundaries of what one would describe as chocolate to become something uniquely different. Here’s some copy I wrote for a couple of the specialty chocolates:

Colombian Fruttato:

Find a place where cultures

combine. Dig your feet into

the cool sands of Trinidad,

your senses overcome by

the warm breeze playing

across your skin, the scent of

fruit in the air. Feel the

smoldering heat of a Tuscan

sunset, your nostrils full of

the aroma of crushed wild

grasses as you make your

way back to the villa.

Earl Grey’s Blues:

Return to an age of savory teas.

Calling to mind the time of

empires, of silk roads and spice

shipments, the rich bouquet

of exotic spices mingle with

the sharp flavor of bergamot

orange. Add a dash of cream,

and remember to hold out

your pinky as you sip.

Habanero Tequila:

Spicy habanero peppers,

baked in the scorching

amazonian sun. The fiery

burn of Mexican tequila

thrown down your gullet.

Add a spicy Ecuadorean

chocolate and just a hint

of the sweltering heat of

Tahiti encased in a

sun-ripened lime. Not your

ordinary hot chocolate.ate.

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