The Davis Christmas Card Picture

This was the holiday photo sent out to all our family last year. An old-timey, blue-grassy Abbey Road rendition with the bro’s. How could we possibly top this? Well, this weekend we will finally be able to convene the Davis Brain Trust, and let me tell you, shit will go down. So stay tuned. More to follow.

Coconut Bliss, oh how I love you.

Now that my campaigns project is over, I honestly don’t know what to do with myself or all this time I have. I’ve settled on sleeping a lot, procrastinating, and stress-eating entire gingerbread villages. That, and reminiscing over the project I was so excited to be done with. This is a video of our in-person research, the Coconut Bliss Taste Test.

Joy, Enough to Go ‘Round

This is such a catchy tune! I’ve had it stuck in my head since last Saturday when I went to see Quantum of Solace…for the second time. My favorite part is “you’re beautiful….I love you”, and the look on that girl’s face is classic.