The last beginning (to winter term, at least)

I just had the first day of classes for the second-to-last term of my college undergrad career. If you draw a chart, you will see that the former sentence somehow made sense. It’s been a long day. So far, it’s shaping up to be an interesting yet quirky ten weeks. This is partly due to the classes I have registered for.

I’m taking the normal advertising-related classes, Portfolio and Thesis. These two classes are so exciting and imperative to my future life that half the time I find myself panting, truly salivating from eagerness to begin. The other half of the time I’m hyperventilating into a paper bag and breaking out in a cold sweat from all the stress.

My other classes are a little goofier- and all somehow relate to eachother by chance. It all hinges on the Evolution of Human Sexuality, my first class of the day. In this course I’ll be learning about wildlife and sex and humans and sex and biology and sex. Next, I go to my second class, Literature by and about Gay Men. In this class I will think about social constructs and sex and literary devices and sex and society and sex. Finally, as if things aren’t already getting a little to primal, my last class is Wilderness Survival. In this class I’ll think about tournequits and sex and map coordinates and sex and edible plants and sex, because let’s face it, how can I not think about it? By the end of this day, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel like some sort of horny primodial beast.

So, be prepared for the next 10 weeks!