Organization is Relative

I periodically rearrange my bookshelf in an effort to a) waste time, and b) have the illusion of being organized and productive. My latest attempt: organize by color. It turns out this has been the most efficient way to organize my bookshelf. Whenever I’m looking for a book, I can almost always remember the color of the spine, but the author and the title tend to drop off with time.

Here are some pics and thoughts:

The white section. This was the largest section, no surprise there.

The red section. This section looks pretty good, and you can kind of detect a theme here: lust, history, blood, communism.

The Orange Section. This is my favorite section, because it’s just so vivid. For future reference, I will keep in mind that books with orange spines really POP!

Alternatively, here is an amazing video I love. I hope that this is what happens when I dream. (Though, in reality, it’s probably more like drooling and snoring.)

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