MoMA is ripe with inspiration. Go there. Bring your ideabooks.

Yesterday I visited The Museum of Modern Art with some ad kids, and WOWZERS it was great. This was such a great reminder to me that I’m in advertising for the artform. So much of the work shown looked like the kind of stuff we put together- edgy, beautiful, smart. There were even ideabook-like collections, it made me proud. I also decided that the way the artwork was laid out on the walls and throughout the building was brilliant. Something about grids and clusters of artwork on a wall really draws the eye and encourages people to step closer for a better look.

My camera died somewhere on the 3rd floor, but here are some of the more memorable pieces of inspiration I was able to capture:

a word about getting around the city.

So our first day was marginally rough. Mainly on my feet. We hit the streets early, and we hit them hard on Saturday. Our goal was to walk from our hotel on Murray Hill, through Time Square, and over to the kids staying at the Hudson hotel on Columbus Circle (which is totally rad btw). Instead, we walked basically the opposite direction of where we intended at nearly every corner.

But, as the saying goes, not all who wander are lost. We got a good walking tour of SoHo and The Villiage, including some amazing shopping through Top Shop, H&M and some cute smaller boutiques. Canal street was amazing in that it was a glimpse into salesmanship in its truest form. How else could these people stay afloat with nothing but a card table, a jug for money and a suitcase full of cheap sunglasses?

Sadly my camera pooped out early on in the day, but enjoy this bit of NY:

Not lost. Just wandering.

Also, getting around today was much, MUCH easier. I love the subway, because the subway loves me and respects my poor, dog-tired feet.

And so it begins….

Last night I set my alarm clock for 3:15 AM. That was a tad early, I’d say. Now I’m sitting in PDX waitining for my flight to San Francisco, where I will be meeting up with the ad kids. Things are pretty strange at this time of day. Surreal is the word that comes to mind. Here are a few observances so far:

-People movers. Which came first, the people mover or the escalator? Did someone honestly look at the replacement to stairs and think “We can improve on walking too.” Also, how great would it be to have a huge people mover down the center of campus? Think how much homework you could get done while being slowly transported towards class. Your leg muscles might atrophy, though.

-Airports are creepity at night. This terminal is pretty much empty. For some reason, my airline has a special basement room rather than something that connects to the huge hall, and there’s only one other person in here….who just left. Am I the only one on this flight? Does this mean I get more peanuts?

-Coffee. So. Important. Once I got around security, this was foremost in my mind. There is something so primal, so right about that first jolt on a really groggy morning. It makes me feel happy and full of life, like everything will work out okay so long as I have a constant flow of this sweet, sweet nectar. This is hours before my caffeine crash, so stay tuned.

-Second oberservance about coffee. WHY oh God why would the airport cafe ever close?! How is it that they don’t open until 5:00, when CLEARLY people need coffee at all times of night???

Finally, I wanted to make a list of things I’m hoping to get out of this trip.

-Better understanding of advertising culture.

-Better understanding of agency culture/office/working spaces for my thesis

-a veritable BUTTLOAD of pictures and insights to sift through for inspiration later this year, and perhaps even long-gone nostalgia in my old age.

-Connections, plans, a better ability to envision my future steps into this field. At present I feel like bambi taking those initial awkward steps out on the ice. I hope to emerge from this a graceful stag of sorts. It’s early. I’m sleepy.