a word about getting around the city.

So our first day was marginally rough. Mainly on my feet. We hit the streets early, and we hit them hard on Saturday. Our goal was to walk from our hotel on Murray Hill, through Time Square, and over to the kids staying at the Hudson hotel on Columbus Circle (which is totally rad btw). Instead, we walked basically the opposite direction of where we intended at nearly every corner.

But, as the saying goes, not all who wander are lost. We got a good walking tour of SoHo and The Villiage, including some amazing shopping through Top Shop, H&M and some cute smaller boutiques. Canal street was amazing in that it was a glimpse into salesmanship in its truest form. How else could these people stay afloat with nothing but a card table, a jug for money and a suitcase full of cheap sunglasses?

Sadly my camera pooped out early on in the day, but enjoy this bit of NY:

Not lost. Just wandering.

Also, getting around today was much, MUCH easier. I love the subway, because the subway loves me and respects my poor, dog-tired feet.

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