MoMA is ripe with inspiration. Go there. Bring your ideabooks.

Yesterday I visited The Museum of Modern Art with some ad kids, and WOWZERS it was great. This was such a great reminder to me that I’m in advertising for the artform. So much of the work shown looked like the kind of stuff we put together- edgy, beautiful, smart. There were even ideabook-like collections, it made me proud. I also decided that the way the artwork was laid out on the walls and throughout the building was brilliant. Something about grids and clusters of artwork on a wall really draws the eye and encourages people to step closer for a better look.

My camera died somewhere on the 3rd floor, but here are some of the more memorable pieces of inspiration I was able to capture:

2 thoughts on “MoMA is ripe with inspiration. Go there. Bring your ideabooks.

  1. I wish I’d had more time to just spend in museums. That’s one thing that NY could offer above any other city. You can just walk out onto the street and find dozens of amazing museums for inspiration. I also wanted to visit the NY library, but I just ran out of time.

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