How To Make A Float

Fourth of July 2007

Fourth of July 2007

Every year Gleneden Beach puts on a parade in honor of  Independence Day, and every year the Davis children scramble to put something together for this parade. We really just look for any excuse to drive slowly down the middle of the street waving to complete strangers. Anyway, after three years of making low-budget (ie no-budget) floats, I have come to some parade wisdom.

Carefully choose your materials. Your tool belt here should consist of duct tape, painting tape, scissors, and lots of rope. Never never use duct tape on the car- it doesn’t come off, or else it takes paint off with it.

Chickenwire can really scratch your car.This is not to be taken lightly. if you use chickenwire, place towels under it BEFORE placing it on your car. On a sidenote, chicken wire can also really scratch you, so be sure to tape all ends you cut off, and wear gloves.

Don’t forget to wash your can beforehand. Most local parades consist of older guys in their souped-up muscle cars, so remember that the vehicle is just as much a part of the show as the decorations.

Stock up on candy to throw, and everyone will love you. Throwing candy to throngs of adoring children is the most fun part of being in a parade. Pace your candy distribution to last longer than the first couple of blocks. This will require that you not throw candy to just any child. Look for the especially eager, maybe the errant child separate from the regular crowd. Be gracious and generous with that candy which you bestow, but keep in mind that their parents will also thank you for being a bit choosy.Monkey 2009

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