CoLab Week One

Today marked the end of my first CoLab week with Pop Art, an interactive agency that encourages brands to “Lead with Interactive”. As a copy writing intern, I’ve been able to hang with the creative team, and found everyone at the agency to be really welcoming and friendly.

There are some great things about being an intern. I get real projects to sink my teeth into. I’m actually starting to wonder where the myth of coffee getting and making copies came from. No one expects an intern to have all the answers. Thus I unabashedly ask all the stupid questions I like. I’ve been learning a lot as a result. Examples? I learned the magic of AdWords, from brainstorming different campaigns and keywords to writing the Pay Per Click copy. It’s interesting to write with such small confined spaces, it reminds me of six word memoirs.

As you may have by now guessed, being at an interactive agency has changed me a bit. My background is primarily in the tangible, and all this web-speak feels like I’m learning a new language. Which I guess I am. After getting a basic crash course in html, I’ve taken the plunge and bought this book, which has taught me to [somewhat facetiously] hyperlink words in my text [for my own amusement].

Overall it’s been a good week, and I’m looking forward to what I might tackle in the next few weeks.

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