Thank You, Pop Art!

Two weeks go by so quickly. The nature of COLABORATORY is such that, by the time you’re settled in and finally know the people (and the best commuting routes!), you’re moving on to a new location. I was sorry to leave Pop Art, my first of three COLABORATORY agencies.

The folks at Pop Art have taught me how to design AdWords campaigns. I learned how to motivate in 70 characters or less, how to direct eye flow in a digital space, and how to organize pitching creative ideas to clients.

I also learned a profound respect for post-its.

By way of thanking the peeps at Pop Art, I decided to make a post-it stop animation. It seemed fitting because an entire wall on the 2nd floor of the Pop Art office is beautifully adorned with a post-it rendition of Andy Warhol’s Marylin Monroe Screen Print. To honor Pop Art’s patient tutelage of me, I dove in to my first stop-animation project, which may be viewed below. Please be gentle with your judgment, as it is my first time and is honestly meant in homage to an agency that really took me under its wing.

Thank You, Pop Art. from Erin May Davis on Vimeo.