Things I love: Snarkiness

Urban Dictionary, the only reliable source for definitions in my mind, provided the following definition:

Snarky: a witty mannerism, personality, or behavior that is a combination of sarcasm and cynicism. Usually accepted as a complimentary term. Snark is sometimes mistaken for a snotty or arrogant attitude.

Snarkiness is a way of seeing the world as incredibly funny, because if you didn’t it would be too serious and depressing. Snarkiness allows people to poke fun at the sad reality of their lives as a coping mechanism. Snarkiness is sarcastic, self-deprecating and at the same time lighthearted.

And so, good people, I ask you: What is the life’s blood of snarkiness? What waters spring eternal in the rivers of snark?
The Internet.

Or more specifically, blogs. I can always find entertainment, interest, wit and a little commiseration in all the blogs I follow, but there are a few that I especially look forward to reading. Each of these blogs has a unique sell, and each has its own level of snarkiness.

And so, without further ado, here are the sources of snarkiness online that I love:



This is a play-off of all the things weird, poorly made and a little creepy on Etsy. And there is plenty of material. The images provided are hilarious in themselves, but really the best part is the snarky comment from Regretsy that follows the image. The above is a hand-made keychain, to remind you that time is slowly ticking away, or that you need new crowns or something. An image of embroidered toilet paper, a real steal for $4, is coupled with the Regretsy query: “Are there really people who save toilet paper in scrap books? Is this really a thing? And if so, do you call it “crapbooking”?” Hilarious.

Awkward Family Photos

This pokes fun at the incredible dorkiness of family photos. I don’t care who you are or how good looking you and your parents are, everyone has one of these stashed away somewhere. For the Davis clan, it’s almost impossible to get a non-awkward family photo. A lot of airbrushing is normally involved. Actually, it’s a relief to laugh at other people’s family for a change.

The Ultimate Hatelist

Ever have a bad day and think to yourself, “Man, I really hate almost everything EVER.” Well, sometimes I do, and on those kinds of days I turn to the Ultimate Hatelist. It enumerates the many reasons to hate almost everything, in a way that makes you laugh. Hate brings joy, which in turn brings me love (or at least keeps me from committing violent acts against my fellow man).


I was first told about this great co-blog by aspiring leader Kristin Vanderburgh. From what I can gather, it’s a guy and girl (originally two girls, thus the “birds”) who are friends, living in different cities, and write about the supremely awkward happenings of their daily lives. I can really identify with this blog because they are both recent graduates finding their way in the world, trying to meet that balance between adult life and what it means to no longer be in school. Part of that process involves a new drinking game every Friday.

Real Men Write Long Copy and Copyranter

These last two blogs are ad-industry specific. The general format is to find ads, break them down and show how insane the message/artwork/idea/world really is. Both authors are copy writers by trade, and thus are never short on humorous quips at the ad industry’s expense. My favorites are the vintage ads, showing a different time when chauvanism was a way to get consumers to buy your products. How else can you explain ads like this, courtesy of Copyranter.

These are my favorite blogs to follow, but I’m always looking to expand and find new interests. So please, give me recommendations. Tell me where you find your snark.

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