Things I Love: Comfort

Seeing as how this is the end of a very long week, all I can think about is getting into some comfy clothes, pulling out my fuzzy socks and a hot cup of something delicious to drink, and settling in between the pillowy covers of my down blankets.

Today’s thing I love is comfort.
On every non-weekend day, I try my best to ignore my instinct to be comfortable. How else can you explain wearing high heels, the application of mascara, or running on a treadmill like a hamster at his wheel? But come Friday, I need my comfort items.

Bean-filled Neck Warming Pillow Thing.

Okay, so I don’t really know the official name for this magical product, but I do know that if the second coming occured in pillow-like form, this would be our new savior.
I tend to carry my stress in my shoulders and neck, and as a result the muscles therein become more knotted up that a group of hormone-filled middle-schoolers playing twister. I pop this thing in the microwave for a few minutes, and then let my muscles soak up the heat and the pleasant aroma of lavender fill my nostrils. (please note that, contrary to the picture above, wearing one of these does not make you narcoleptic.)

Comfy, Oversized Clothes.

This has to be my weekend uniform: huge sweats, t-shirt washed time and again until it is soft and threadbare, tube socks and my old track sweatshirt. Most of these things can fit me with room enough for one or two additional people. It’s glorious.

My Bed.

It’s getting colder now, and the house is pretty frigid when I wake up lately. It’s getting harder and harder to get myself out of my warm and cozy bed as a result. I’ve crafted the perfect place to push the snooze button; two comforters, 4 pillows and memory foam.
In addition to this, I have the most awesome fleece blanket in the world, a gift from my 15 year-old brother. I’m not sure how he intuitively knew that this would be my favorite blanket I’d ever owned. It might be because I’m 90% sure that I’m 1/16th Cherokee (math never really was my strong suit, though). Whatever it is, something about this majestic image of a wolf howling to the moon stirs me deeply. And it’s just so danged goofy.

Soothing ‘tunes.

Lately I’ve been listening to Colin Hay on Pandora, and I think it really sets the atmosphere for a comfortable night in.

Well, this concludes my week of Things I Love. It turns out, I love Vintage things, snarky things, nerdy things and things that are as goofy as all get out. Enjoy your weekends, everyone! Maybe think about what it is you love.

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