A New Year, A Fresh Start

I’ve neglected my blogging for over a month now. While I’ve missed it, I’ve also come to understand my frustration with the process, and also the reason for my long hiatus.

I became too wrapped up in the idea of branding. More specifically, I let myself get drawn into the problem of creating my own branded identity. Every time I’ve had an idea for a post in the last six weeks, I would begin self-editing: is this professional? Does it say something about me as a creative and strategic thinker? Does it speak to an industry, or is this just self-expression, and where can I draw the line?

Like a true student of the UO Ad department (and more specifically the amazing Deb Morrison) I decided to write a set of possibilities for what this blog is about. That way, when I get frustrated or begin to censor myself, I can look back at this statement and remember the ultimate purpose of keeping a blog. With fresh starts and a new year in mind, I give you:

Erin’s Blogging Manifesto, or rules of blogging engagement

  • This will be a drawer in which I can stash away treasures and inspiration- whether they be a photo, a place, a song or (yes!) an ad.
  • This will be a blank notebook in which I can scrawl and doodle and think, even if it gets silly at times.
  • This will be an ear into which to whisper my (often half-baked) thoughts, so that in stating them I can begin to suss out what I really believe about life, the universe, and everything (industry related or not).

Advertising, Inspiration, Thoughts and Projects. This is what I will be keeping here. So please stop by often, there’s a lot of work to be done!

Welcome to 2010. Happy New Year!