Vintage School Inspiration

Lately I’ve been wanting to scour local antique stores for little treasures. Wouldn’t it be great to decorate with these vintage pieces? This collection seems to be themed “elementary school mementos”

This converted schoolhouse desk and chair would make a great mini-workstation. Via Hownowdesign.

After discovering a collection in my Grandma’s condo basement last weekend, I’ve been dying to get an old record player. Via Lordkhan.

The organizer in me loves the idea of converting old library card catalogues- perfect little drawers! Via bitsandbobbins.

Even though I use my cell as the only number to reach me, I might consider getting a land line for this old spin dial phone. Via pipnstuff.

Typophile that I am, these collections of wooden block letters make me swoon! Via Leo Reynolds.

7 thoughts on “Vintage School Inspiration

  1. that record player was wicked. couldn’t beat the collection of vinyl that went along with it. check craigslist or freecycle. maybe you’ll get lucky.

  2. Ahh! You’re right, Ash! I did have an old school desk…I think the last I saw it, it was in our chicken coop….I’ll need to investigate that. And possibly clean out the chicken coop poop.

  3. Erin this resembles your thesis, maybe you should have gone into interior design. Also I am pretty sure that after that much time of coop poop it has become coop poop concrete! Keep the posts comin!

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