Nerdy Need: Library Kits

I saw this a few weeks ago in a small bookshop while browsing. Given my love for card catalogues, can you be surprised that I want to put this Personal Library Kit to use on my shelves?

I love loaning out books- and how great would it be to know who else has read it, when it was loaned and *ahem*  when it might be due? This also would be a fun diy project.

The sad thing is, I bet if you asked a person only a few years younger than me what this kit was for or if they remembered using this system, you would be met with blank stares. We now have modern technology- but at what cost???

Things That Are Making Me Happy:

Five images of things that have made me happy these last few weeks, plus one pretty bad pun:

This is Walter. He was my Valentine’s Day gift, and spent the whole weekend following me around. Here he is at a pizza joint in Corvallis. He also went grocery shopping with me, out to dinner with me, and on a couple walks through town. Life is a lot more whimsical with a balloon in tow.

This is Thor. He is the family’s newest pet, a tawny rabbit with a crazy faux-hawk, though this picture doesn’t do him justice. He likes to climb onto heads, as demonstrated by my little brother here.

This is a sense of fashion that is timeless. Taken at the high school ski tournament this weekend up at Mt.Hood, this grandmother to one of the contestants rocked her authentic vintage style, complete with unseen white-rimmed, bug-eye sunglasses.

This is Block15’s special micro-brew, the Super Nebula. It’s dark as midnight, and one swallow gives you alternating tastes of chocolate, coffee and caramel tones. The secret? This beer is aged in emptied bourbon barrels. Yum.

I’m also quite fond of the guy hiding behind the beer.

This is a sign painted onto the streets of Corvallis to indicate that one cannot skateboard downtown. To me, it looks more like a hot dog on wheels, which I am inclined to pretend to ride with pointy shoes on. It’s really something I relish–get it?

Sorry for that pun, I really couldn’t resist…but to be fair,  I did warn you.

Have a Happy Week!

Happy Valentine’s Weekend, All!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wrote these as little cards I could send to my friends via the internet- some who live even as far away as Vietnam! Hope you have a great day in honor of the naked baby god that shoots people with lusty arrows.

One of these ought to  express the feelings appropriate to how we know one another, dear blog reader. Have a good one!

January 2010

This is what I’ve been up to the past month. I can’t quite figure out how to embed this, so for now you’ll have to trust me enough to follow this link.

For Christmas, one of the best gifts I received was a planner. The most hyper-organized planner ever.

The planner of my dreams.

Each month is its own little color-coordinated book. Each day has its own page, complete with time breakdowns. It has unit conversions, maps, time zones, and comes with stickers. Oh, and it’s a moleskine.

So, every day I draw/write/doodle/paste something into it. It records whatever I have going on, and I’ll be posting each of these planners as the months are completed.

Can you believe it’s already February?