I’m a Typoholic.

Recently I’ve arrived at a truth. Typography is to the written word what a voice actor is to the spoken word. It’s the expression, the feelings conveyed. You can say one thing and mean another- it’s all in the delivery.

I am a Typoholic. I mean that in the sense that I love typography, not that I binge on typos- but how funny would it be if I imbibed in sentences such as ” Jack adn I went too the store”? I guess a better term may be “typophile.” But I digress….

I’ve had a thing for the ways words are written for as long as I can remember being able to read and write them. I’ve done some posts in the past about loving certain typefaces and wanting some antique letter blocks. I routinely take pictures of signs just so I can remember a font for later. My header for this blog is a compilation of hand-drawn typography found in the Portland area during- yes- a typographic tour. Nerdy? Maybe. Rivaling my love of Geordy La Forge in nerdiness? Probably not.

Anyway, I’ve been organizing and clearing out my photos today, and these are some of the top images of type:

I’ve also been playing a lot lately with painting and drawing using type. Here’s an example water color I did, playing with color and wax resistant:

And I’m contemplating taking up a photography project that I underwent in high school- back when the camera wasn’t digital, which meant we actually rolled FILM into a canister and then literally SHOOK BY HAND the assorted liquids to develop this film. I tried explaining this once to my 12 year old brother, who still couldn’t get past the fact that you actually looked through a hole in the camera instead of at a screen. Crazy sauce. Anyway, in high school I made this:

and it’s since faded over time, and because it was real film I no longer have the originals. I’d like to spend time in Portland exploring letters with my Digital SLR.

If you’d like to learn  more about typography or look at some yummy type eye candy, check out these awesome blogs: Typostruction, Daily Drop Cap, 300&65 Ampersands, and New Type York.

So that’s what’s been on my mind lately- a few projects, some nerdy references, and a lot of rambling. Thank you, as always, for reading!