I’m A Typoholic (UPDATE!)

So I thought maybe my last post would have gotten the type bug out of my system, but look at what I bought this weekend (on sale at Urban Outfitters at 2 for $12!):

The letters “e” and “d”. (That’s also the banjo I’ve been fiddling around with. Get it? Because it’s not a fiddle at all! Oh, bluegrass jokes….) I decided that the D was a little plain- and let’s be honest, not exactly my favorite letter to begin with. I’d prefer an R, but I can’t help that my initials are ED and not ER. So I fancied up the D with some pretty teal yarn:

And now I think I like these letters too much. I’m considering putting them on a chain and blinging myself out and going by “Eazy E” and hanging out with Flava Flave. Anyway, this is how they look on my shelf, which is where they will most likely stay:

Though I’m not sure about the gnome.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Typoholic (UPDATE!)

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