Out and About with Typography

A table triangle at Pizzicato– I especially like the dots and framing. Their website is so clean cut and cute, too!

Random Order Coffee House has the most evil sounding Pie ever- I must have it. I like the colors, mix of fonts and the way it’s hand painted.

The Wood Brothers’ latest album cover. They were in Portland last weekend, and my parents got to see them live! Pretty cover art, great music.

Type treatment on a banner in New Seasons.

A hardware store near our new office!

An old VW buddy in the lot of the gym today. I love the colors from this picture- red, light blue, cream…very SCENE.

I try to snap these pictures as I go about my day- these are from the last week or so. It’s funny how, once you start really paying attention, how dominant good typography is these days.

Did you know I sometimes make maps?

Mainly just this one, this week.

I’ve been tasked with redesigning the Jupiter Hotel’s brochure, and this is one small piece of the new version! More to come soon on this project…it went to the printer this week, and I can’t wait to have it in my hands.

Organizing Boots

Every other month or so, I decide to rearrange my closet.

I have a bad habit of keeping magazines around long after they’ve stopped being interesting. I also tend to let my shoes pile up at the bottom of my closet. I’ve decided to remedy both these situations with something I read once- I think it was in a magazine.

Take the magazine and roll it up…

put it inside the shoe, giving it shape to stand upright.

Much better! Now let’s see how long I can keep this up.

Beaker and Flask

Over the holidays I visited Beaker & Flask for the first time. The cocktails are amazing, and the menu is for those with an ambitious palette (I think liver and onion was on there!). I love the look and feel of the place- something about it gives me the feeling of being underwater in a very fashionable bar.

If that makes sense….