The Rose City Rollers

Kyle and I had a chance to see the Rose City Rollers this weekend in their opening matches at the Memorial Coliseum. It was so fun! PBR’s, pulled pork, caramel apples…and some crazy sporting action.

The ladies inspired me to try out skating again, until I remembered how uncoordinated I am. I might have to hit Oaks Park some night and test it out!

SCENE Design Work

Did you know I dabble in design?

I put this card together as our alternative to a brochure for SCENE. I love typography, and was thrilled to use type as our graphic element for the SCENE branding- not a bad solution to not having a lot of imagery, huh?

My goal in designing this was to embody our creative, friendly, professional and oftentimes girly style with the three type choices. The colors are based off of prior branding, and the square shape mimicks our über-cool business cards. Eventually, everything in our office seems to be this light “tiffany blue”.

I had a lot of fun putting this together, and am so excited to hand it out!

New Year’s Adventure

Instead of coming up with a New Year’s Resolution this year (and feeling guilty in about a month when I don’t keep it), Kyle and I made a goal for 2011 that is more of an adventure.

In 2011, we will visit the top 12 notable McMenamin’s Locations.

Okay, and this plan also requires us to drink more beer and eat more pub food. Kind of the anti-resolution, huh?

This originally started out as us trying to visit all the McMenamin’s, but then we realized there are a full 57 locations. So we narrowed it down a bit. The top 12 are:

1. The Bagdad Theater and Pub.

A theater built in the 20’s and home to vaudeville troops, the Bagdad has a history on stage and the silver screen. We’re hitting up this location to watch the Ducks beat the Tigers at the BCS game! Check one off this list come Jan 10….

2. Boon’s treasury

Originally a general store, this pub in Salem was owned by Oregon’s first State Treasurer.

3.  Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

This location in Hillsboro served as a working farm for over a century and features an Octagonal Barn!

4. The Crystal Ballroom

We’re no stranger to the Crystal, as concert goers with a penchant for 80’s nights. This one will be easy!

5. Chapel Pub (headquarters)

A converted funeral home and current McMenamin’s HQ in North Portland.


I’ve always wanted to stay here after a summer concert and maybe a round of golf.

7. Grand Lodge

A former Masonic Retirement home in Forest Grove.

8. The Kennedy school

A converted elementary school, now theater, hotel and pub. Perfect for two nerds and one current teacher.

9. Mission Theater

The Mission Theater once served as home to the Church of Sweden.

10. Olympic Club

A building with a saucy history as former saloon and brothel! This is our only location to visit in Washington.

11. Old St Francis School

A former catholic schoolhouse, this location in Bend, Oregon will be the farthest for us to travel to- but one of my favorite locations in one of my favorite cities.

12. White Eagle Saloon

With 11 rooms, this hotel is itsy-bitsy, and features live music most days of the week.