There’s no place like…

I’ve been housesitting for my parents this week, and while I love the quality time with my brothers and the generously stocked pantry, I can’t help missing my own little haven in Sellwood….

I miss my desk and my new window and my records on the wall…

I miss my huge dresser and all my clothes and my banjo and my letters and numbers collection

But most of all I miss my bed! Doesn’t it look fluffy and inviting? Can’t wait to dive back into it later this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Just a few Valentine’s I made last week. Can’t wait to hand them all out!

Staring out the Window

I bought a window!

It was kind of an impulse buy- I was taking a little walk break from work, and saw this propped up against a wall outside of an antique shop. What should I do with it?

A Few Ideas:

Turn it into a headboard- though I already have a real window above my bed.

Turn it into a cool coffee table.

Use it as a message board- though I’d probably write on it with dry erase markers rather than use this chicken wire approach.

Use as a divider- either inside or outside. This is probably my favorite solution, but I’m not really sure where I’d implement it.

Any other Ideas? Happy Friday!

Showing the Love

This is a little Valentine I whipped up for SCENE this week- for our clients, our partners, and our close friends.
Tonight is Luscious Ladies, a monthly networking group SCENE hosts for women who rock in their field. I’ve been so lucky to be a part of this group, as I’ve gotten to see it grow from a handful of devoted and brilliant female entrepreneurs to over 50 strong, empowered women willing to share experiences and knowledge to help us all grow out businesses.

Our topic for tonight? Love, of course. How to show your customers & clients (and fellow Luscious Ladies!) that you care.

2011 Planner

I can be pretty particular about my planners. This year, rather than rigidly hold myself to one notebook (and feel guilty if the pages run blank for some stretches of time) I decided to make a plan-as-I-go planner. I bought a date stamp, a notebook that fits in my purse and has a grid, and some handy retro pens.

I’m really liking this solution so far- I sit down at the beginning of the week, stamp my pages and write in appointments, and have ample space for notes or doodling or mixing things up.