Staring out the Window

I bought a window!

It was kind of an impulse buy- I was taking a little walk break from work, and saw this propped up against a wall outside of an antique shop. What should I do with it?

A Few Ideas:

Turn it into a headboard- though I already have a real window above my bed.

Turn it into a cool coffee table.

Use it as a message board- though I’d probably write on it with dry erase markers rather than use this chicken wire approach.

Use as a divider- either inside or outside. This is probably my favorite solution, but I’m not really sure where I’d implement it.

Any other Ideas? Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Staring out the Window

  1. Kyle made that beer pong table we had at our Portland house out of a door, so I’m in favor of the coffee table idea. Very chic. Also, even though I know it says pens, my brain insists that you wrote you will go nuts with the…well, nevermind 🙂

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