Personal Branding

When you read a lot of online job hunting and interviewing articles, you start seeing the term “personal branding” quite a bit.

As a marketer and a human being, I think this is a funny concept. I understand that generally these sites are encouraging you to be consistent in the look and feel of your documents and the way you present yourself. In my head, though, I always think “isn’t the term ‘personal branding’ just a buzzword for  ‘the way you show your personality'”? 

That being said, I decided to play with a bit of my own personal branding this week. Specifically in customized Facebook Timeline images and “life events.” This is Facebook’s little way of creating milestones on your feed that denote something important – or in my case, something a little silly.

Here are a few of my Life Events:

I branded these using the font and color choice I tend to use on resumes, my Portfolio, and other  Sites. This graph made it very easy to create the appropriate sizes.

Overall, a fun way to generate a little interest in events that happened decades ago, and customize your page a bit more.

1234567, 8, 9 (Today)