Manic Monday

A silly problem to have: Sometimes, when I go to file an email (woo hoo, inbox ninja!) I put emails meant for my  “friends” file  mistakenly in the “fried” category. Not sure if it’s more telling that I have a file for emailing with my friends, or that the “fried” file has over a dozen emails in there.  #mmmfriedchicken

Inspirational links about life, work and being the best you:

  • Five steps to up your personal dignity quotient via Yes and Yes. This is a well written and frank blog that I’ve recently gotten into- and this particular post appeals to this gal who is awkward and uncouth rather frequently (okay, you caught me. It’s me.)
  • Maintaining work-life balance has gotten a little more difficult now that I’m working part-time on my own. I have too much life! This article from The Braid gave me comfort in my values of not working over 40 hours, enjoying mindless television, and accepting that sometimes I’ll just have to say no for my own sanity.

Hilarious things on the internet: 

  • The lovely Shauna of Jupiter Fame got me the most amazing postcard this weekend at Stumptown Comic Festival- check out the artist’s other work!
  • I’ve been completely absorbed by my copy of Let’s Pretend this Never Happened by The Blogess. Her humor, passion and extreme non-sequiturs keep me laughing, even at the serious content of infertility, the death of a beloved pet, and how messed up a childhood in the country can be. I highly recommend this book.

Happy, productive Monday!

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