A Note on the Haters

The title of this post makes me laugh, because it’s not normally how I talk at all and also because I want to write about the people I absolutely love.

I have spent the last two nights with amazing, life-affirming friends who make me feel incredibly lucky. Leaving a great job and striking out on your own with vague dreams of doing “something else” can be entirely terrifying. It can feel like failure. It can make you questions your sense of who you are and what you really want.

Enter the amazing ensemble of friends, families and boyfriend that are my lifeline.

In the last week, these people have supported and rooted for me, they have recommended me and taken the time to check in. They listen and give advice and make me feel like I’m a pretty decent person after all.

Life is too short to spend with anyone other than the people who make you feel alive and loved and cherished and seen. In a lot of ways, being your truest, happiest version of self relies on surrounding yourself with people you like and who like you back. A lot of people say that in a crisis, you’ll learn who your “true” friends are. That may be the case, but I think in a larger way, in a crisis you’ll really learn who YOU are.

And so I have learned this:  I am a very lucky person to have these individuals in my life. And I couldn’t be happier.

Editor’s Note: It was brought to my attention that I did not, in fact, take note of the Haters in this blog post. That’s because they don’t need any mention. They’re not worth your time. Spend your energy and attention on the people, places, things that make you happy. 🙂

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Manic Monday

I’ve decided that part of this 30 day blogging challenge – for my own sanity- should involve a recurring weekly theme. This, coupled with the amazing stuff and people and projects that I stumble upon (and pin, and just flat-out find!) created Manic Mondays.

These are the links and people and projects that inspire and amaze this week:

  • I’ve mentioned this designer before, but Design Love Fest continues to be one of those blogs that perfectly mixes the in-depth, the topical, fashion and industry and instruction, all in one! I’ve especially enjoyed her collaborations with photographers, stylists and fashion gurus in her more recent series. How daring to branch out in that way!
  • For Kyle’s birthday I got him a print by a local artist of Boba Phat, and have been in love with the Harshness’ etsy page ever since- oh heeey, Game of Thrones.
  • Have you heard of the Vegas neon boneyard? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially as someone who collects letters for my house. My Typography Pinterest Board also continues to be a source of inspiration. What is it about the written word?

You’re all movie stars. Thank you and happy Monday!

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Sunday Night Dinner

A little over a year ago, my family started having Sunday Night Dinner.

Why, hello there, cedar-plank salmon...

I have a pretty big, active family. There are a lot of schedules to coordinate and people to wrangle to make these dinners happen, but they do happen with a pretty decent consistency.

I enjoy these opportunities to see my brothers, catch up with my parents, and enjoy a little quality bonding as we try to savor the last hours of our weekends. With good weather on its way and the summer vacation for my younger brothers, I’m really looking forward to the next few  months of barbecue, sitting on the deck and a nice cold beer with family.

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A preview of summer in Portland


I have a hard time imagining living anywhere else when the weather is like this.

(which is maybe 4 months out of the year if you’re lucky. Don’t move here, especially if you work in a creative field and are decently talented or good looking.)

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So I’m not especially a cat person….

But I do kind of like this cat. And here’s why:

  • It is obviously in love with me. This might be due to the fact that it hasn’t seen another human in a few days, but I’ll take its desperate tries for attention all the same.
  • It thinks the things I find funny are actually entirely absorbing. Like dragging a string along the floor. Or tossing a paper towel tube across the room.
  • It is very important to someone I love- and Alicia, if you’re reading this, I tried to send you the following image like 4 times but it kept failing because the ghost of Steve Jobs doesn’t want us to laugh together:


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My studio is becoming a terrarium.

Somehow I have yet to kill my plants.

They’re even somewhat thriving.

And developing a bit of a sense of humor…

Some days seem so full of life, you know?

Must be all the rainy weather.

I guess I’ve got a green thumb after all! I just need to stick to plants that practically care for themselves.

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