Inspiring PDXer: Lisa Kislingbury Anderson

Today’s Inspiring PDXer is my former roomie and professional writer Lisa Kislingbury Anderson. Lisa is a talented individual with an incredibly sunny personality, a feisty sense of adventure and the best dress-up box I’ve ever seen.

Lisa Kislingbury Anderson

I’m a writer, an adventure lover, a passionate community member, a free-spirited romantic, a
dress-up queen and a Rose City aficionado.

Civic engagement and a sparkling social life are as important to me as my career. I try to give a damn, have a heart, love adventure, embrace spontaneity, seek connection and indulge curiosity.

Let love shine.

Dig in and dig deep. Rose City is a radiant place, and I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home in the long run. For on-the-cheap tips, check out and

Thanks for your wonderful words, Lisa! I encourage you all to follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn

It’s a two-posts kind of day.

Today I woke up at 5 AM for absolutely no reason. I was just wide awake. So I rolled out of bed, grabbed my laptop and sneakers, and headed to the local coffee shop.

I have been so productive today it’s insane.

I finished a few projects well before deadline, I shot off some emails to friends, I gave a wonderfully talented woman a job recommendation, I bought birthday and graduation cards, and I finally got around to a lot of administrative work I’ve been meaning to do for my business. All before noon.

This bout of productiveness has me thinking about, well, productivity. I’m a huge proponent of the articles from the 99 % and thought I’d share these pieces that really got me thinking (especially since I missed this week’s Manic Monday thanks to the holiday).

This study on Idea Execution is based on an audit of creative types as they answer questions on their work routines. It pulls together some of my biggest questions as a creative, a sole practitioner, and someone whose thesis was entitled “creative spaces in working places”. The idea of work space and work flow directly impacting creative output has always been a fascination of mine, and I try to follow some simple rules to keep focused and aware- for instance, when I really need to focus, I seek out a new work space. The change in scenery refreshes my mind, and settling into a new area is a way I’ve trained my brain to signal creativity.

This article goes along with  a conversation I had last night with a brilliant woman who is able to regularly meet with people across multiple industries. She was explaining how the creative people she works with have tasks that pay the bills, and tasks they love, and they aren’t always the same tasks. This article explains further how the “money making” tasks can be placed with higher importance in one’s life, leading to more success in a monetary sense. My question is then: if what makes you money isn’t what you’re passionate about, where should your priorities lie? Can you do that which pays the bills in order to every so often have your thrills?

Finally, this article outlines a few of my essential steps to being productive- as I said earlier, I have different areas for different types of work. I tend to be someone who “nests” in that I need everything that pertains to the task at hand for easy reference. I am also very much a person who is sensitive to surroundings and in need of a familiar element to my work station. This article has echoed my considerations when approaching a new working environment, and this is something that is always at the top of my mind in the current job hunt.

I’m not saying these ideas are the ideal for everyone- I am very much an A-type personality with a love of organization and a penchant for regimented work!

Have a great (and productive!) day!

Craig’s Alive!

If you’ve heard me talk about Craig,the guy who used to have my phone number, you know how lately I’ve been a little worried about him.

I now have confirmation he’s alive, thanks to the following text conversation:

Mysterious Texter: In traffic

Me: Sorry, but who is this?

{months later….}

Mysterious Texter: Please give Cole some money he seems to have run through everything I left him already.

Me: Sorry, but who is this? I am not Craig.  {I realize this is probably not the best way to respond, because that’s totally something Craig might say if he didn’t want to give this Cole guy money. I just wanted to speed this process along. We both know you’re looking for Craig.}

Mysterious Texter: If you are not Craig how do you know that is who I am trying to reach? {touche, mysterious texter.}

Mysterious Texter: Sorry I found Craig. You must be getting a lot of weird messages. This is his ex-wife. Sorry to disturb you.

Me: Not a prob! I get it all the time 🙂

Mysterious Texter we now know to be Craig’s Ex-wife: So if you want to know his number it’s But don’t tell him I told you 🙂

There you have it! I now know that Craig is alive, and have his REAL phone number to boot! I feel like I have a few options concerning this new knowledge:

  1. Call Craig and let him know he needs to give out his current number.
  2. When people call for Craig, just direct them to this new number.
  3. Ignore this information.
  4. Send him texts from his past self with messages like “We have to go back! We’re not done yet…the future of HUMANITY is at stake!!”

I’ll have to think on this. Overall, I’m just relieved Craig’s doing okay!

Now I’m just a little worried about Cole.