Manic Monday

Hello and happy new week!

After a fun-and-sun-filled weekend, I’m still basking in the glow of good friends, good foods and not to mention the super moon we’ve enjoyed the last two nights!

Here are a few of the links that have gotten me thinking this last week (and I may just revisit some of these ideas!)

  • An oldie but a goodie: Miss Modish shares her morning routine! My process is somewhat similar, and I can’t stress how much it’s helped me to keep a regular routine.
  • Yes and Yes shared an article on How to Dress Joyously. I have to admit, I’ve always approached fashion as an extension of a design problem to solve. Color, shape and textures are fun to play with, whether it’s on a computer screen in Adobe format, or in fabrics and jewelry as I tear apart my closet each morning.
  • I’m making this Quinoa recipe for dinner tonight- I’m a little obsessed with dishes like this lately! Must be the nice weather.
  • Though I’m not a fashion blogger, I found this article by Independent Fashion Bloggers to be helpful! I’m averaging a little below how I’d like in my 5 things every blog should have- time for a little revamping!

That will about cover it for today! Kyle surprised me last-minute with Black Keys tickets for tonight- I can’t wait to see them live in concert! I’ve been listening to the and the Arctic Monkeys all day to get in the mood.

Rock on!

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