Finding Common Grounds to work in*

*This post was originally going to be named “The world is my oyster office” but I really wanted to do a strike through. 

Working part-time as a freelancer, full-time as a job seeker, I  need to get out of the house a lot. I find there is a limit to how long I can concentrate in my apartment with a pile of laundry that needs folding and my TV taunting me with fresh episodes of Game of Thrones.

This is why I love coffee shops. I’m lucky to live in a city that seems to get the value of a good salon, where you can park yourself for hours taking up table space, abusing their free internet and plugging in your computer for the meager price of a cup of joe (and hopefully a healthy tip to your barista!)

Here are a few places I’ve called home in the last few weeks:

1. Crema

Image via

 Located: SE 28th and Ankeny, across from Zim Zim, one of my favorite gift shops!

Atmosphere: Laid-back, cool rotating art and an airy, open and somewhat modern space. Tends to get busy on weekends- and don’t let the chill hipster clientele fool you. If you break their “no claiming a table before ordering” policy, you might just get cut.

I recommend: Their breakfast sandwiches are the best in Portland, and their very strong Vietnamese coffee has made a friend practically vibrate out of her seat before.

2. Bare Bones Cafe

image via EaterPDX

Located: SE 29th and Belmont. This cafe and Crema are both easily within walking distance of my apartment, so I tend to be a little biased toward them.

Atmosphere: Distinctly bohemian, a perfect place to sit and read or catch up with friends. The little details add to the charming persona of this cafe, with table top succulents, distressed wood floors, and a killer bloody mary for those

I recommend: Sitting in the window area! You can see all of Belmont drive/walk/skate/double-tall-bicycle ride by!

3. Bipartisan Cafe


Located: SE 79th and Stark, across from one of my favorite pizza places of all time- Flying Pie.

Atmosphere: Every time I come here, I get the feeling that this is where a modern French revolution could be planned. It’s a bustling atmosphere with an open kitchen, a mixed set of quirky furniture, and no shortage of the local papers and patrons coming together to discuss what I always assume is modern-day marxism. That might just be me though.

I recommend: Anything baked! But especially their delicious pies.

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10 thoughts on “Finding Common Grounds to work in*

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  2. I went to a new one today that I think you’d greatly enjoy, Rocking Frog Cafe at 26th and Belmont. Its a little house turned coffee shop with outside seating even!

    • Cool! I’ll have to check it out! I went to Starbucks today and just felt guilty with all the other, cooler options out there.

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