Manic Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope everyone in PDX enjoyed their weekend as much as I did- this weather!! Such an amazing treat. I spent a lot of time with family this weekend, going up to the Maryhill Museum grand opening of their new wing, and spending some quality time with my mom and brothers for Mother’s day. Sunshine, family, good friends, art. I’m feeling very spoiled from this weekend, and ready to buckle down to a productive week!

One of my favorite pictures from our trip out to the Maryhill Museum.

These are the links and people and projects that inspire and amaze this week:

  • The Bloggess always cracks me up. I can’t tell you how many times my family has had this similar conversation regarding how we want our remains dealt with. One of my brothers is pretty set on an open-air grave in a tree.
  • One of my favorite iPhone tools is Instagram, giving me beautifully filtered, hipster-inspiring photos with a few clicks. The only problem I’ve had is a lack of desktop interface. No more! Someone went ahead and mashed together two of my favorite sites into Pinstagram! With the visual scanning of the Pinterest format combined with my friend’s lomo wannabe photos. Brilliant.
  • Nubby is admittedly one of my big design inspirations- and a Portland area-buff! I love her advice here on developing a design process. Straightforward, collaborative, and makes a lot of sense!
  • I read this book cover to cover over the weekend, and am so impressed with the clever stylings of David Sedaris. His narrative is told in short stories, but has a prominent voice and theme of reliance on those close to you throughout. His family in many ways reminds me of my own- whether that’s good or bad I’m not sure!

I’m realizing that these are the last few days of my 30 Day Blogging challenge! Looking back, I’m so glad I did this. It was hard some days to think up a new creative project or put myself out there, but I feel habits forming regarding this blog, and am so happy to have had this outlet! What will this mean for the blog when we hit day 30? You’ll have to check back in later this week to find out!

Have a great Monday! Thank you for reading.

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