Erin’s Favorite Things

I’ve been in my apartment for about 6 weeks now, and I’m really feeling at home here. Choosing my own paint was a big part of making this space my own, but I also made sure to remix my decorative items in a way I hadn’t before. Here are some of my favorite things in my place right now:

I have this collection of records I usually display in a grid. This time around, I wanted to try out a collage, mixing them in with other items. I tested out their placement on my floor before any holes went into the walls.

I’ve suspended most of my letters on a curtain rod above my bed, giving them a little more dimension and a bit of a shadow.  I like how they seem like a thought bubble above where I sleep.

I’m very lucky to have a pretty big jewelry collection- and if we wear jewelry to decorate ourselves, why not treat it as decoration for the home? This cork board display adds a bit of shine and color to my room, and reminds me to put on a piece or two before stepping out!

Thank you for reading!

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