Inspiring PDXer: Amber Beyer

Today I’m starting a new semi-regular series called Inspiring PDXers. The thought process behind this is inspired by my own job search and how I am continually in awe of these amazing people around me who have managed to find their passion and live it every day. To kick things off, I have the amazing Amber Beyer, who is writing all the way from Spain. I’ve known Amber since the dorms in college, and know her as a kind, passionate friend who has an excellent sense of humor.

Amber Beyer

Adventurer, Community Member, Program Developer, Teacher, Learner, Shrewd Businesswoman, Llama whisperer.

Your one wild and precious life.

Currently, I am living and working in Madrid, Spain on a grant through the Spanish government to develop the English Program of a local high school. Working in a small but passionate school has enlightened me to the power of community involvement to instigate positive change. My next goal is to work towards social entrepreneurship by empowering the citizen sector.

Look for what’s missing in the world, and find a way to fill it!

Thank you for sharing, Amber! You should all check out her hilariously written and insightful travel blog here

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