Playin’ Round with Photoshop!

On Monday I posted this link featuring a tutorial to make your own SNL photos- and today I decided to try it out for myself! The original tutorial can be found here, courtesy of the amazing and snarky Pugly Pixel.

It was pretty easy to follow, considering Photoshop is probably the Adobe program I’m least familiar with. I’m not entirely happy with the results, next time I’ll try to be more careful in the coloring process-  but then again I’m not generally a color-inside-the-lines type of girl.  Here are the steps in order!

Step one: Choose the photo (obviously, I’d pick this one!)

Step two: Knock out the background (hopefully in a more refined fashion than I did, above.)

Step Three: woops. This is where I did a bunch of steps without pausing to save the progress in separate files. Basically, I knocked out the color, painted my own neons, then returned some of the color for less creepy skin tones. Again, next time I try this out I’ll be a little more selective in my coloring and choice of colors- I was a bit rushed in wanting to get to the end stages and test it out.

Step four: Add type! I kind of love the way my R, A and V in my name line up… how is it I’ve never noticed this before??

I highly suggest trying it out for yourself!


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