Craig’s Alive!

If you’ve heard me talk about Craig,the guy who used to have my phone number, you know how lately I’ve been a little worried about him.

I now have confirmation he’s alive, thanks to the following text conversation:

Mysterious Texter: In traffic

Me: Sorry, but who is this?

{months later….}

Mysterious Texter: Please give Cole some money he seems to have run through everything I left him already.

Me: Sorry, but who is this? I am not Craig.  {I realize this is probably not the best way to respond, because that’s totally something Craig might say if he didn’t want to give this Cole guy money. I just wanted to speed this process along. We both know you’re looking for Craig.}

Mysterious Texter: If you are not Craig how do you know that is who I am trying to reach? {touche, mysterious texter.}

Mysterious Texter: Sorry I found Craig. You must be getting a lot of weird messages. This is his ex-wife. Sorry to disturb you.

Me: Not a prob! I get it all the time 🙂

Mysterious Texter we now know to be Craig’s Ex-wife: So if you want to know his number it’s But don’t tell him I told you 🙂

There you have it! I now know that Craig is alive, and have his REAL phone number to boot! I feel like I have a few options concerning this new knowledge:

  1. Call Craig and let him know he needs to give out his current number.
  2. When people call for Craig, just direct them to this new number.
  3. Ignore this information.
  4. Send him texts from his past self with messages like “We have to go back! We’re not done yet…the future of HUMANITY is at stake!!”

I’ll have to think on this. Overall, I’m just relieved Craig’s doing okay!

Now I’m just a little worried about Cole.

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