Inspiring PDXer: Lisa Kislingbury Anderson

Today’s Inspiring PDXer is my former roomie and professional writer Lisa Kislingbury Anderson. Lisa is a talented individual with an incredibly sunny personality, a feisty sense of adventure and the best dress-up box I’ve ever seen.

Lisa Kislingbury Anderson

I’m a writer, an adventure lover, a passionate community member, a free-spirited romantic, a
dress-up queen and a Rose City aficionado.

Civic engagement and a sparkling social life are as important to me as my career. I try to give a damn, have a heart, love adventure, embrace spontaneity, seek connection and indulge curiosity.

Let love shine.

Dig in and dig deep. Rose City is a radiant place, and I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home in the long run. For on-the-cheap tips, check out and

Thanks for your wonderful words, Lisa! I encourage you all to follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn