Instant Mood Lifters

Just a few things that can really turn a bad day around:

  • Cuddling with a puppy
  • Watching an episode of Gilmore Girls
  • Going on a quick run or a long walk
  • Sending a snarky e card to a friend for no reason
  • Reading a silly blog 
  • Discovering a new song
  • Finding cool free events to go to in Portland.
  • Writing in my blog 🙂


I’ve found myself making a lot of goals lately. I want to run more. I want to learn the banjo. I want time to read and blog and make art.

So what’s stopping me? Pretty much nothing.

Here’s to the start of summer, and all the possibilities that holds.

Manic Monday

Man, how this week snuck up on me.

Camping leads to insane deadlines, lots of random odd jobs and a fully packed weekend of rushing from one thing to another. Then it’s suddenly Monday? I call shenanigans.

These are the brain-tickling items that I found of interest on the internet this week! More crafts, updates and pondering of the universe to come (ambitious, I know!)

  • I’m loving the advice from a favorite blog, Jeremy and Kathleen. This article on how to email as a freelancer is pretty great! Everything from connecting with new prospects, keeping your inbox uncluttered and when to step away from the keyboard and just pick up a phone.
  • In the same vein, this post from the Veda House is about rules when it comes to email is very helpful!
  • I liked the spirit of this article, “why you need to own your own company”. It shows that doing so allows you to explore your creativity, test out ideas and run a laboratory of sorts!
  • Hey people, let’s share! This study from The 99 Percent explains how sharing your setbacks and talking about your work can get you over the hump of any creative block.

So that’s it, folks! Here’s a little saying to get us all through the week:

Living in a fog…

Earlier this week I went camping. Ever since, I’ve been in a bit of a fog. The scramble to catch up with emails, appointments, work. The crazy state of my apartment at the moment. The incredibly busy weekend ahead of me.

A little vacation seemed like just what I needed. Turns out a bigger vacation might have been even better- crazy, I know!

What camping looks like in my head….

This is pretty far from the truth:

In reality, it’s a lot dirtier. A lot more smelly. There is a sticky grimy aspect to the cooking and eating and cleaning. You go hiking and it adds a certain…musk. You track dirt into your tent.

And it’s so much better than the picture in your head!

Manic Mondays

Hello, there!

Today is the first day of a short camping trip I’m taking. We’re heading up the Gorge, one of my favorite places in the world. I can’t wait!

Seriously, how am I so lucky to live somewhere this beautiful?

Anyway, here are some links!

  • Why French women don’t burn out: this is a working schedule I could really get behind! I’ve always thought that intensive periods of concentration are best when broken up with a short getaway doing something active and creative. It was a small part of my thesis, and something I’m going to try to do when I get back from the wilderness!
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt. This article is from a new discovery of mine- uncluttered white spaces.
  • I did this project this week for my Mom’s birthday! I chose a picture of our family, printed it on tissue paper, then adhered it to a canvas. While I’m happy with the results, I’ll post pictures of it soon- it was a little harder than they make it seem!