More adventures in Photoshop!


Today I spent a good chunk of time familiarizing myself with Photoshop filters. This post will detail me walking through one of these “just for fun” tutorials, found in full here. I’ve always wanted to figure this style out, as a big Roy Lichtenstein fan, and am so relieved to see someone else figured it out for me already!

Step one- choose an image!

I figured I might as well stick with the trend of picking goofy pictures of myself on here.

Next step: knock out the background and make it blue! This was a snap using the pen tool.

Then turn the top layer to greyscale….

Then, you make the magic happen. This step was difficult, in finding the right threshold with an image that is pretty low contrast. Next time, I might pick a different photo that would allow for more of the details to remain- you pretty much lose my lips and nose (not a small feat with this schnoz!). It’s also bitmapped to give it that Rastered effect.

The final steps involve adding back in color! Not really a need for explanation there:

And there you have it! Just as a refresher, here’s the original photo again (I know how much I hate scrolling…so you don’t have to)

Again, if I were to do this tutorial again, I would try to use a photo with a little better contrast. I think the blur effect in the original contributed to the loss of detail. Definitely worth another shot, though!

Happy Friday, y’all!


4 thoughts on “More adventures in Photoshop!

  1. Thanks! I don’t have Photoshop, but I was told about Pixlr from another blogger and have been playing around with that. I’m usually really good when it comes to learning anything on a computer, but for some reason I am finding this photo editing stuff kinda difficult. Right now I am trying to make a header for my current blog. I kind of have something in mind, but to actual create it is where I fail, LOL!

    I love all the awesome variations of your picture you created! Very cool. 🙂

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