Manic Monday

Whoa. So how is it already June?

Today’s Manic Monday comes to you courtesy of my Google Reader. I’ve been keeping a better eye on some of my favorite blogs lately and while it is inspiring and gives me a lot of ideas, it also makes me have a little bit of blog envy. I’d love to be able to fix up my site a little more- always a project!

This picture of roasted brussel sprouts has nothing to do with this blog post. Sorry.

  • I’m kind of loving this article from Co.Exist, “People want jobs that make a difference, even if it means a pay cut.” I love the fact that so much of the workforce values having a meaningful career, and that even more current students place it at higher importance.
  • I love the use of font in this quote, designed by Pugly Pixel.
  • This resource is so inspiring for that vintage look! It makes my designing muscles feel twitchy for more tutorials.

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