Manic Monday

Happy Happy Monday, friends!
This week marks the return to a regular schedule! While I’ve enjoyed the freedom that freelancing has offered, it’s nice to settle back into a routine- and I’m guessing it will also be a lot more productive.
Here are the links tickling my brain taste buds today:
  • Geek out about fonts here.
  • Interesting insights on how to price your product– always a challenge, especially in the service industries!
  • Work, life and side projects– a great perspective on keeping that balance, and especially the importance of “side projects”. Obviously, I am a huge proponent of this, as I feel these projects are areas in which we explore our passions, learn something new, and keep ourselves from creative stagnation.
  • Along those lines, here is a great article on Tips for Designing Websites! Functionality, architecture, hard design- a great look at the process and the thought that goes into it.
  • This website (found thanks to Pugly Pixel) has some great design elements- simplified color scheme that is calm yet “pops”, easy navigation, great eye-catching layout and typography. And her services sound great too! Thanks, Amy Tangerine.

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