A little peek…

Do you ever feel like an opportunity comes your way that is specially crafted for your life? Sometimes I think I am incredibly lucky. Every so often, things just seem to work out for me. Thanks in a large part to an incredibly loving and supportive community of friends, family and colleagues, life tends to turn in a way that is even better than I could have possible imagined.

On a completely related note, this week marks my first in the office at my new job.

Aside from the meaningful and challenging work I will be doing in this new position, this opportunity has been an absolute blessing when it comes to my long term and personal goals.

It affords me the flexibility and freedom to continue to work as a freelance graphic designer in my spare time. The best of both worlds, it affords me an opportunity to work on a tactical level with a team of incredibly talented and knowledgable individuals, as well as pursue individual interests through a creative “side” job. The people are warm, the community is supportive, and I can’t help but think just how much I will learn here.

Some days, I can’t help but think I’m one lucky, lucky girl.

The view from my new desk – all moved in and ready to get going!

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