Manic Monday!

Mondays wouldn’t be extra-manic if this blog poster weren’t always a little late.

This last week has felt especially busy, but the kind of busy that is productive, fun and confirms the fact that you love what you do and how you do it.

I went to the zoo:

I smoked cigars with this modern-day philosopher:

I went camping with a bunch of friends:

I celebrated this handsome stud’s birthday:


And I managed to read these things from the internet that I want to share with you today!

  • Something that’s hard for everyone: How to Say No.
  • I love and miss Gilmore Girls (and watch it at least once a week) and will now strive to read each of these books! 134 down….many more to go.
  • This is an adorable answer to the question “Does She Love Me?
  • An interesting rant on how much is too much sharing in the blog world- and when to know you’re too bland as a result of withholding the personal stuff.

That’s it, folks! Here’s to another terrific week, with my family reunion and the Pickathon!!