Manic Monday

My weekend in one picture:

Thanks for capturing this moment, Caity K!

So every week I start out with the idea of being really productive, creative, fit and clean. On Monday I buckle down, do a bunch of work, make something active, indulge my hobbies and tidy up my space.

Then I’m exhausted and quickly lose my resolve for the rest of the week.

Here’s to breaking the cycle!

Happy Monday!


how to: Make A Dino Planter

Welcome to a new series! This is where I’ll provide very basic steps to various projects I do.

1. Drill hole on top of dinosaur. Be sure to include a drainage hole along its belly for excess water!

2. Spray paint! This took me probably 4-5 coats of thin, even coats of white spray paint.

3. Let dry a few hours.

4. Plant! I used succulents because my thumb is more of a dead orange color than the traditional green. An air plant would also do well on these guys.

5. Enjoy! These are fun to pose and play with when no one else is around.

I made these planters a few months ago now, and they never fail to bring a smile to my face. Happy DIY-ing!