Manic Monday

Happy Monday, my dear friends!

Following an incredibly busy and incredibly warm weekend, I’m looking forward to a bit of a cool-down, getting into work routines and most importantly that awesome air conditioning at the office!

Last weekend was a packed one- floating the river, family reunions, music festivals! It was an inspirational weekend to be sure.

These are the things I was inspired by on the internet this week:

  • The Fresh Exchange posted this amazing motto last week: Do Good. Always. It’s been on my mind ever since. What do you do to be good? (Found via Nubby Twiglet!)
  • In Honor of Design wrote 5 blog boosters that would help anyone get out of a blogging rut! I love Anna’s fresh, open and real style of writing – from family life and work to finances and fashion.
  • Weight loss has been vaguely on my mind lately, and this post from Design love Fest gave me some…food for thought? haha. I definitely believe in making lifelong changes to diet rather than the quick weight loss schemes, but I don’t know if I’d have the courage to bare it all the way Bri does!
  • So I’ve been trying to learn more advanced blog design techniques, including CSS and a smattering of HTML. This workshop via the talented Pugly Pixel looks promising! (Check out my latest go at website design at my portfolio here)
  • I’ve fallen victim lately to the green monster. It’s easy to see what all these amazing, talented people are doing and think less of yourself as a consequence. That’s why I’ve enjoyed these three snippits that touch on overcoming professional jealousy and cheering on your competitors.
  • A friend of mine clued me into the new Pinterest category- Quotes! As a life-long lover of these sayings (and keeper of several quote journals!) I am so thrilled. Here are a few of my favorites:

Collect Moments, not Things via the Acid Dream Spaceship

Shakespeare- source unknown



Happy Monday!


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