Inspiring PDXer: Alicia Marie

Today’s Inspiring PDXer will feature one of my besties. Alicia has been my friend since 6th grade- I feel like sometimes I know her better than myself and yet somehow she still continues to surprise and delight me! Her passion for activism and advocacy has taken her to almost every corner of the globe, and I can’t say how excited I was when she finally landed in Portland. Take it away, Alicia!

Alicia Marie Temple

Lover of laughing, friends, happy hours and delicious treats. Hoping to continually find ways to spend my life working towards equality through building stronger communities. Currently fortunate enough to be an activist by trade.

I am an Organizer for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon which means I get to help awesome people get involved with a pretty fabulous organization. It’s amazing the things you can accomplish by working together and having fun with other volunteers/activists; things like defeating terrible ballot measures, increasing access to comprehensive women’s health care (yay for birth control with no co-pays!) electing awesome pro-choice people into office and passing legislation to protect young women from deceptive health information.

Live imperfectly with great delight.

Walk everywhere. In this city, things are always closer than you think and you’ll find so many fun things between destinations. And it’s good exercise!

Thank you for putting up with these requests, friends! I love seeing how happy and passionate these amazing women are- and how so many similar “can-do” attitudes and outlooks on life seem to follow this. I encourage you to follow Alicia on Twitter and learn more about her work

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