Manic Monday

This weekend went by lightning-quick with quality family time on the back deck, a reunion with the Davis side, and nerdy showings of Trek in the Park at Cathedral Park and Star Wars projected on my curtains at home!

Erin's weekend August 10th

It was a great weekend to be sure.

Here are some brain ticklers I found this week on the internet:

  • This studio featured on Black Eiffel is so dreamy. I’m lusting after the large table surfaces and simple, bright color palette.
  • This blog post from Yes and Yes made me laugh- I’m so guilty of this type of response to compliments! Why can’t I keep my bargain shopping skills to myself? 🙂
  • Hey you bloggers out there- do you ascribe to some sort of code? I wrote a “blogging manifesto” in 2010 to refocus my efforts and give myself a sense of purpose.
  • As a type nerd, this post on the thicks and thins of fonts absolutely fascinates me.
  • …and in that vein, I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to have been asked to help my brother and his fiance with some of the print design elements of their wedding next summer! It’s caused me to revisit my design inspiration Pinterest board with fresh eyes.

Happy Monday! Hope your crazy hectic weeks goes well (I may be projecting there…)

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