Manic Monday

This weekend was the first weekend for a few months that had absolutely no plans- no trips, no hang outs, nothing. It was glorious. I forgot how wonderful it is to just be in my city and my home without rushing around somewhere or preparing for something.

On Sunday, the Sunday Parkways project rode right by my front porch. Portland shut down many of its bike-friendliest streets and opened up the biking floodgates. It was fun to see and hear all the young bicyclists on their first ride through Portland!

I also went on a bike ride down the Springwater Trail with a dear old friend for her first ride in years- turns out it really is just like riding a bicycle!

erin and alicia bike ride portland

(I’m just pretending to also ride her bike. We had separate bikes for the trip.)

Here are some other things that cause me to smile, scratch my head, or want to share:

Hope you have a great week!

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