3 reasons I love Pinterest

People go crazy for Pinterest. It’s just a fact. And there are  many spectacular articles discussing why Pinterest is great.

So these are the reasons I love it. They may be a little unorthodox, but I think half the fun in an obsession is being able to look outside of it and make fun of yourself a bit.


For those of you who aren’t in the know (like I was about 6 months ago), Reddit is a social platform where users submit content, and the users “upvote” the links they like, so the best and most entertaining content rises to the top. It’s incredibly popular among a certain demographic- mostly men, and mostly nerds. The beauty of Pinterest is that it works in a very similar way, but with more images, more community and is curated by mostly women of great taste. Plus, every time I find something funny to show Kyle, he’s seen it on Reddit- and vice versa.


Scrolling through my Pinterest feed is a lot like living in my own mind. Next to an image of an incredibly toned woman is a competing image of gooey, delicious cookies. This is the beauty of Pinterest. It allows for people with multiple interests that are often competing. Yes, I want to be fit and healthy. Yes, I want to eat a whole crock pot of cheesy mac n cheese. What can I say? I want it all.


I see you pinning wedding dresses and flower arrangements. I see your pictures of babies and nursery inspiration. Thanks to Pinterest, your engagement/baby announcement/upcoming travel plans are no surprise to me. Following your friend’s Pinterest is like seeing slightly into the future for them.

So that’s it! Pinterest is awesome. You’re now convinced. If you would like, check out my boards. Repin my “for foodies” stuffed zucchini boats. And have a great day!


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