Manic Monday: A Special Holiday Edition

Happy Labor Day!

Whether you’re off with the family for the last weekend before school starts up, or enjoying a staycation in your eerily vacant city, I hope you’re enjoying this freebie day off!

(And if you don’t have the day off, I am very sorry to rub it in. My bad.)

I’m being a go-getter and prescheduling this post on Friday, so I have no idea what the weekend holds for me! Some swimming in a lake? Some dancing with friends? Good food and great wine? No one can know for sure- except me, when this is actually published and the weekend is mostly over. It’s like I’m writing a message to my future self, which now that I think about it isn’t that impressive. (you forgot to buy milk again, didn’t you?)

ed. note: I totally DID forget to buy milk. Spooky.

Here are some links to while away your Labor day:

Happy Monday!

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