Style Icon: you won’t be surprised

As an admitted fashion junkie, one of my go-to role models is the oh-so-twee Zooey Deschannel. This will probably come as no surprise to most of you, especially given my dramatically different hair cut and color last fall in which I pretty blatantly tried to become her:

So why do I love her style?

It’s detailed. Her outfits tend to highlight pattern, embroidery, bows. Everything she wears is styled and detailed and special- you definitely get a sense that her clothing is one of a kind.

It’s girly. As herself and as her characters, Zooey Deschannel dresses with bright, feminine colors. Sequins, bows, a-line skirts and little ballet flats have a way of making you feel like such a girl.


It’s modest and vintage. As a lover of a-line skirts and cardigans, I appreciate this quality. Her outfits tend to hint at having rifled through her grandmother’s closet- which is something I’m known to do in real life.

It’s self-aware. She’s goofy. She goes over the top. And both the way she styles herself and the way she carries herself let people know that she realizes this might be a ridiculous outfit. I love wearing costumes, and am fully aware of how wonderfully ridiculous I can tend to look.

images via here, here, here and Zooey’s Instagram!