Word of the Day

I’ve been thinking lately that I keep coming across these great words in my normal daily travels that I would like to share. So I will. This gem of a word was heard during my morning commute while listening to an OPB broadcast about the mating habits of mollusks. (Gotta love NPR!)

Word of the Day Snail Bacchanalian


  1. Characterized by or involving drunken revelry.
  2. (classical Myth & Legend) of or relating to the orgiastic rites associated with Bacchus.

The thesaurus likens this word to “riotously drunken merrymaking,” “helplessly inebriated” and interestingly, “a noisy crowd of intoxicated sailors.”

Used in a sentence: The Bacchanalian night preceding Kyle’s birthday this weekend will necessitate a healthy helping of Pine State Biscuits on Sunday morning.

Definition via thefreedictionary.com. Illustration by me.

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