Make, Thrift or Alter

I want to tell you something I’ve noticed about myself. Maybe you’ve noticed it too.

You see, I’m a blogger, a pinner, a tweeter and a fashion junkie. I’m plugged in. And while I’ve noticed my time spent online inspires and motivates me, it affects me in other ways that I don’t care for.

I want things. Pretty things. Expensive things. Unnecessary things. And this has happened so gradually that it wasn’t until I started really budgeting and planning and saving that I realized the toll my Internet habits have taken. Seeing dreamy photo shoots for clothing company catalogues, looking at “outfit inspiration” and realizing I’m missing one vital and important piece, getting into a habit of consuming materials and clothing at the same rate that I am consuming information- it’s done something to how I view “wants” vs. “needs.”

My online habits have made me a bit materialistic. And I hate that.

Couple these sentiments with the fact that I live in a very modestly-sized studio, and I literally have no room in my life to continue buying and collecting “things for things’ sake.”

So I’ve made a resolution.

I’ve had this idea in my head for some time, and after reading this inspiring post from My Edit, I knew I had to act on it. I am, like Jentine, a Shopaholic. Clothing is my weak point, but the cycle stops here.

Make, Thrift or Alter.

The goal of this project is two-fold; spend less, exercise creativity. Before any purchase I make, I will ask myself if I can make, thrift or alter something I already own. This will require new skill sets (hello, dusty sewing machine!). This will require restraint (goodbye, stress-relieving shopping sprees), and this will require me to flex my creative muscles in actually putting things together with my hands. My hope is that, by stating this here and posting my progress, I will be held somewhat accountable. In the process, I hope to change my habits.

I guess what I’m saying is, welcome to a new dimension of this blog. Let’s get to it, shall we?